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Praise for Diane Keyes & This Sold House


"I wish I had this book BEFORE I put my house on the market. Although my agents walked through the house and pointed out some things to change or move…Diane explains WHY you need to make the changes and provides the buyers’ point-of-view which helps me make decisions for myself. This Sold House is filled with many quick tips that are free to do but I just wouldn’t have thought of on my own…like flipping your bedspread over for a more neutral color or removing the end chairs from your kitchen table to create more space…how easy!! There is valuable information on every page of This Sold House. I literally couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t wait to get to the next page to find out what she had to say and to finish the book so I could make the changes. I read the book twice—once before I sold and again before we moved into our new home. I loved the before and after photos throughout the book and Diane’s real life stories reinforce every lesson. I will recommend This Sold House to anyone I hear is even considering selling their home. The book would be great to read every couple years to take inventory and get a fresh perspective. —Jeni McGee—Lakeville, MN

“We did everything on Diane’s list except for one thing and we sold our home the day it went on the market, even though there were two homes on our street that had been for sale for six months. The buyer’s agent actually asked if he could bring his girlfriend over to see the best-staged home he’d seen in his twenty years of real estate!” 
—Caroline Severson, mortgage associate

“Nice work, Diane! I’ve been a commercial interior designer for ten years, but staging a house for sale is a different ballgame.”  
—Beth Crumbaker CID (Commercial Interior Designer) and project manager

  “The book is excellent.  Really, I was captivated, I couldn’t put it down. I read every word as soon as I received it!  This Sold House is IT!”
  —Linda Mershon, corporate manager

“Diane helped us quickly sell two houses over the past year. There's both an art and a science to staging your house for a quick, full-value sale.  Trust an expert with a proven track record and follow her advice!” 
—Aaron Latto, second vice president, Travelers Insurance

“With logical, easy-to-understand instructions, This Sold House is the best-written book I have seen on staging. Sellers that implement her suggestions will sell their homes more quickly and for more money than those who don't. If you are preparing to sell your home, this book is a must-read.”
  —Dan Burt, Realtor®

“We followed her advice and the results were dramatic.  The things we changed were not expensive, but still allowed us to transform the house into an inviting space in just three weeks while we both worked full-time. The house sold the first weekend, at list price, with multiple offers.”
—Suzanne Egan and Cort Martin, homeowners

“This Sold House clearly shows you how to help any potential buyer see your home’s real space and its potential, not its problems.  It’s a quick read, full of workable common sense and clear, concise information designed to help sellers understand what an important part they play in the sale of their home. The solutions Diane offers are easy, inexpensive, and empower you to become your home’s best advocate.  She speaks with a new voice, and it’s a voice that needs to be heard in this challenging real estate market.” 
—Cheryl Meyer, photographer

This Sold House would be extremely beneficial for sellers to have before listing their homes, and it’s a great gift to give sellers when doing a market analysis for them.”
—Sheryl Vogesser, Realtor®

"Diane has a wonderfully perceptive way of not only seeing the problems and potential, but also tapping into the spirit of a space and its occupants.  Filled with great suggestions and attention-grabbing stories that make everything more real because we can all relate to them, I'll remember This Sold House when it’s time for us to leave the home we love so much."   
—Ken Ekstein, LISW; social worker, artist, environmentalist

“Geared toward getting the most revenue from a sale using everyday common sense ideas, this book should be required reading for all agents.”
—Bill Ivory, Realtor®

“This book is truly a JOY. Every seller needs this step-by-step guide to making their home irresistible to potential buyers; its pages are filled with priceless and easy-to-take advice for the quickest sale at the highest profit. This Sold House a quick and enjoyable read; some of her anecdotes are so funny that I laughed out loud. Sellers will be left feeling optimistic and more empowered with each turn of the page —you won’t want to make a move without her.”
—Jane Duden, educational consultant, author and educator



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