Staging Your Home to Sell in Today's Market Staging Your Home to Sell in Today's Market


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Preparing Homes for Sale Kitchen Staged for Sale

With the captain’s chair at the end of the table, it’s necessary to jog
around it to open the patio doors so the space feels crowded.
When the captain’s chair is replaced with a side chair that slides
completely under the table, there is plenty of room to exit the patio
doors, eliminating the traffic problem.

Staging Homes for Sale  Room staged for sale

Although the room is tastefully decorated, the throw on the sofa, the vase of
sunflowers, the pottery turtle underneath the table and the other accessories
take attention away from the space itself.  A little dedecorating gives potential
buyers a better chance to see the space. Notice how your eye moves to
the chiminea lamp in the far right corner now instead of towards the sofa as
in the previous picture.

Staging Homes for Sale Family Room Staged for Sale

Although this room is very attractive in person, there is too much to
sort out in a small Internet photo—the way 86 percent of buyers find
their home before scheduling a showing. After removing the pillows, throw,
some accessories from the tables and hearth, and a large plant to show
bare wall space, the room is much easier to absorb.

Staging a home to sell Bedroom staged to sell

In a small room with dark walls, keep things simple.  It is easy to overwhelm
the buyer and make the room seem even smaller with patterns, pillows,
extra color and a teddy bear. With the print turned over, the extra pillows and
teddy bear removed and a small arrangement added in the corner, your eye
is drawn to the longest sight line in the left corner.  When the picture above
the bed is replaced with one that has a vertical orientation and your eye can
see the headboard and wall beyond, the room feels larger.  Although the space
is not as interesting, it is more saleable because the focus is on the space
not the décor.

Staging a home to sell Home exterior staged to sell

The owner of this house bought it twenty years ago because she thought
it was so cute. When I pointed out that the front of the house was no longer
visible she told me she hadn’t even noticed. She held the beauty of the home
in her heart and no longer saw how the overgrown arborvitaes spoiled
the home’s curb appeal. Look at the amazing transformation when
the arborvitaes were removed. Not only are the bushes gone but so are
the long shadows that made the house so dark. It sold the first weekend after
they removed the bushes—in a bidding war—even though it had been on
the market for more than a year.

Home staging example Family room staged to sell

Although this room looked great with blue walls and the up-at-the-lake
accessories, it was important to neutralize the room’s color and style.
The owner was reluctant to use cream paint on the walls, but she was willing
to move to a more neutral gold color. With fewer accessories and lighter
more neutral paint that harmonizes with the wood tones and the leather sofa,
the room appears much more inviting.

Home staging techniques Living Room staged to sell

With the coffee table in front of the sofa, potential buyers had a limited
and awkward traffic pattern.  By removing only the coffee table the room
feels spacious and the traffic pattern is more natural.


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