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Incentive Sales Strategies

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Ideal incentive or premium gift item


Incentive Sales Strategies


Premium & Incentive Strategies for Books

Here are just some of the many ways that our book can be incorporated into your marketing or human resources programs:

  • Give it away or sell it at events
  • Offer it as a direct mail promotion
  • Add it to your company store or catalog
  • Offer it on your Web site, alone or as a bonus for other purchase
  • Offer it as an incentive for:
    • Registering or opting-in to an offer (prospect list-building)
    • Becoming or remaining a customer
    • Opening celebrations
    • Traffic building
    • Publicity
    • Taking a survey
    • New product trial
    • Membership acquisition (association, club, Web site, program, etc.)
    • Educational promotions
    • New product introductions
    • Subscribing to a publication or Web site
    • Entering a competition
    • Completing an application
    • Door opener
    • Referrals
    • Fundraising
    • Receiving a product demonstration
    • Ordering product by a certain deadline
    • Ordering a certain number of units or dollar volume
    • Making a sales appointment
    • Recruiting or referring customers or members
    • Reinforcing any step in your customer acquisition programs
  • Make it a part of your customer loyalty program
  • Thank long-term employees
  • Create a program around it as reflection of your brand values
  • Incorporate it into employee or customer education or training
  • Send it to existing and potential customers as a gift or public service
  • Sell it to existing and potential customers as a break-even or profit-making premium
  • Bundle it (either for free or at a discounted price) with a current product or service to:
    • Improve the lead-to-sales conversion rate
    • Increase the average sale amount on sales
    • Increase the gross margin on sales
    • Enhance repeat sales
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