“I Know, I Know…”

Curb appeal is even more essential if you’re selling your home during the summer. In winter buyers rush to the door lest they freeze to death. But when it’s warm outside they take their time. The extra time is a double-edged sword. It gives them a chance to see more of what’s right with your home and more of what’s wrong.

If people are turned off as soon as they get out of the car, it is very hard to reengage them later in the tour. Torn screens, scraggly bushes, peeling trim, all spell n-e-g-l-e-c-t, leading buyers to some very damaging assumptions about the condition of the property. If you do nothing else to prepare your home to sell, make sure it makes a great first impression. When you charm them from the start you increase your odds of a sale.

Greet them with positive messages: freshly painted trim, a new mailbox, fresh weed-free mulch in the beds, trimmed bushes. Did I say plastic deer, gnomes or fairies? I did not. Elements like those are personal decorating choices. I’m talking about landscaping choices.  Welcome your buyers with flowers and current landscaping. Using color to enhance your home’s exterior will make the house more attractive and more inviting. You can find inexpensive ideas online or in any gardening magazine, or home improvement store.

When the entry door of your home does not face the street, sending welcoming vibes is even more important. In that case, greet guests with large flower pots or urns on either side of the walk to escort them in. Since red is the first color the human eye sees in the spectrum,  you can enhance the impact by using red flowers in the plantings. “Color is a beautiful thing”…

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